Last Man Standing 2013 / 2014

Just €5 to enter – €150 to the Winner.


How To Enter

  • Enter online by clicking on the Last Man Standing image below and following the payment instructions or just text Aidan (086 2343469) / Jimmy (087 2444627) and we will do the rest.

  • You will need to set up an online account first time you enter for online payments.

  • Just €5 entitles you to enter all rounds if you survive each round.

  • You cannot re-enter the competition once you are eliminated.

  • To enter you must be 18 years old.


How To Play

  • First Round Begins Sat 8th March 2014 – closing date for entries 8pm on  Fri 7th March 2014.  Pick a team each weekend from the Barclays Premier League you think will win.  Just click on the link below for this weekend’s Premiership fixtures to select your team:

Premiership Fixtures 

  • If your team wins you move onto the next round.
  • When your chosen team loses or draws you are out. 
  • Should two or more participants remain standing and all are eliminated in the same week, the Last Man Standing prize will be distributed equally among them.

  • You are only allowed pick a team once e.g. If you pick Chelsea in the 1st round you can’t pick them again.
  • You must submit the team you have chosen each week before Friday 8pm. This can be done by texting your name and team to Jimmy on 0872444627.
  • It is the responsibility of entrants to supply their team each week. If a team has not been submitted by 8pm on the Friday before fixtures are played (for weekend fixture), you will be automatically assigned with a team in alphabetical order.  You will be reminded via text before each round to submit your team – you will not receive any more reminders after this – please enter your mobile details on making payment to receive this reminder. 
  • In the event that any match involving a team you have selected is postponed or cancelled for any reason, you will continue to the next round. However, that team will no longer be available for selection.

  • Table below will be updated after each round.


Green for Win, Red For Lose/Draw, Black For Result Pending

* Indicates no team was chosen, in this event a team is chosen by the adminstrator alphabetically from the last team chosen.



Name Wk 1Pick  Wk 2 Pick
Wk 3 Pick   Wk 4 Pick Wk 5 Pick  Wk 6 Pick Wk7 Pick Wk 8 Pick Wk 9 Pick Wk. 10 
Cecil Brennan Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Jimmy Colfer  Chelsea   Man City  Newcastle  Everton  Liverpool  S/hampton          
Kathleen Colfer  Chelsea   S/hampton  Liverpool  Man Utd  Man City  Everton  Spurs  Arsenal  Newcastle  Crystal Palace  
Michael Colfer Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Nicola Colfer   Man Utd  Everton  Man City  Chelsea              
Brian Conway Man Utd   S/hampton  Man City  Chelsea              
Brid Conway Chelsea   Man City  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  S/hampton          
Darragh Conway Cardiff*   West Ham                  
 Paddy Conway Man Utd   Newcastle                  
Kevin Conway S/hampton   Everton  Liverpool  Man Utd  Spurs  Chelsea  Man City  Arsenal  Aston Villa  Crystal Palace  
Liam Conway Chelsea   Everton  Man City  Man Utd  Spurs  S/hampton          
Noel Conway Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Jamie Cullinane   Cardiff*  Chelsea*                  
Joey Cullinane  Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Norman Delanty Norwich                     
Phil Doran Cardiff*   Chelsea                  
Noel Farrelly Cardiff*   Everton  Liverpool  Chelsea              
Willie Donohue Cardiff*   Everton  Liverpool  Chelsea              
Trisha Dwyer Cardiff*  Chelsea*                  
Keith Farrell Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Bob Fox Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Michael Field Cardiff   Chelsea*                  
David Foley  Cardiff*  Chelsea*                  
Lisa Harding Chelsea   Man City  Liverpool  Everton  Man Utd  S/hampton          
David Hobbs Cardiff*   Chelsea                  
Eoin Kelly Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Jake Kelly Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Paddy Kennedy Man Utd  Newcastle*                  
Walter Kennedy 1 Man Utd   S/hampton  Man City  Everton  Aston Villa                       
Walter Kennedy 2  Chelsea  Swansea                  
Mick Kelly Man Utd   Everton  Man City  Chelsea              
Ethan Kelly  Man Utd  Chelsea                  
Geraldine Keogh Cry Palace                     
Tom Keogh Norwich                     
Gareth Lynch Norwich                     
Pascal Maher  Cardiff*  Chelsea*                  
Brian Mahon 1 Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Brian Mahon 2  Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
 Brian Mahon 3  Cardiff*  Chelsea*                  
Gerry Monaghan Cardiff*   Sunderland                  
Bongo Monaghan  Cardiff*   Everton  Man City  Man Utd  Chelsea  Fulham  Spurs  Arsenal  Swansea    
Benjy Monaghan  Cardiff*  S/hampton  Everton  Stoke  Chelsea  Arsenal  Man City  Man Utd  Liverpool    
Dave Moore   Cardiff   S/hampton  Man City  Chelsea              
Gary Moore   S/hampton   Sunderland                  
Aidan McHugh Man Utd   Man City  Everton  Chelsea              
Michael McHugh Man Utd   Man City  Liverpool  Everton  Chelsea  Spurs          
Eoin Murray Cardiff*  Everton  Fulham*                
Jake Murray Cardiff*  Chelsea                  
Karol O’Brien Chelsea   Everton  Man City  Man Utd  Aston Villa            
James O Brien Norwich                    
Maurice O’Brien Stoke                     
Rhys O’Brien  Cardiff  Chelsea*                  
Gary O Connor Chelsea  Cry.Pal.*                  
Sam O’Connor Chelsea   Cry.Pal.*                  
John O’Connor Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
Cormac O’Neill Cardiff*   Liverpool  Chelsea  Arsenal              
Darragh O’Neill 1  Cardiff*  Everton  Newcastle  Chelsea              
Darragh O’Neill 2 Cardiff*   Sunderland                  
Davy O’Neill  Cardiff*  Chelsea                  
Fiacra O’ Neill 1 Man Utd   Everton  Fulham*                
Fiacra O Neill 2 Cry. Palace                    
Finn Carey-O’Neill Cardiff*   Chelsea                  
 Siobhan O’Neill Cardiff*   Man City  Everton  Aston Villa              
Toirdealhac O Neill  Cardiff*   Chelsea*                  
 Veronica O’Neill Cardiff*   Man City  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  S/hampton          
Bill Paterson Cardiff*  S/hampton  Newcastle  Chelsea              
Carol Pearl   Man Utd   Newcastle                  
Jonathan Pearl S/hampton   Everton  Man City  Chelsea              
James Pearse S/hampton   Everton  Man City  Man Utd  Chelsea  Arsenal  West Ham        
Brian Porter 1 Chelsea   Everton  Spurs  Man City              
Brian Porter 2 Man Utd   S/hampton  Man City  Liverpool  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Arsenal  Stoke  Sunderland  
Brian Porter 3 Chelsea   Swansea                  
Fintan Porter  Cardiff*   Swansea                  
Paddy Ward  Chelsea  Swansea                  



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