We are pleased to advise the wider membership of Ratoath Harps AFC including coaches, volunteers and committee have rallied together to come to an agreement which ends the current impasse regarding membership fees and introduction of a once off development levy, that is widely discussed within the community.

The group acknowledges the number of volunteers willing to come on board at committee level is low, thus creating an overstretch on the current resources. There is no day-to-day fund-raising activities in Ratoath Harps AFC that are visible and present in other clubs of our size and us as members need to take this over, removing that workload from the executive committee.

As communicated to the executive committee over the weekend there is a strong commitment to do this, it was agreed to remove the development levy fee. The handling of the announcement regarding the levy is a key indicator of the need for additional volunteers at committee level to assist in areas such as communications.

The fund-raising committee will be set-up immediately with the targets and expectations agreed upon at the formation meeting of this sub-committee. A final push on fund-raising activities is required to finish off the current development project with a return to full focus on football activities thereafter.

An explanation of the day-to-day running costs and requirement for an increase in fees was discussed between two representatives of the committee and two from the coaching team. There is a better understanding as to the numbers behind the make-up of the fees. Through constructive dialogue, agreement was reached to change some aspects of the revised fees for 2019:

  • For families with three or more children playing in the NDSL/MGL section, base membership fees will not exceed €460 in the upcoming season.
  • Membership fees are due before 28th January 2019. Payments can be made in full or through two instalments with first instalment for 50% of fees payable before 28th January and balance of fees due 60 days later.
  • Leinster Senior League and Ratoath Harps Academy fees remain independent.

The 2019 base membership fees for the NDSL/MGL section of the club are as follows:

  • First child:                                         €280
  • Additional sibling:                            €120
  • Second additional sibling:                €60
  • Additional child thereafter:              No fee

The membership is united in acknowledging the hard work put in by coaches, committees and volunteers past and present. The group agrees the events of the past week have been a strain on all however we collectively disagree with comments in social media ridiculing and personalising members of the club, if achieves no benefit for anyone. All are volunteers giving up personal time for the greater good of the club if we have no volunteers, we have no club.

The healthy open discussions between the various representatives over the weekend was constructive with a re-invigoration to embrace the Ratoath Harps AFC club moto – Láider le Chéile/Stronger Together.

The club is currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary as a part of the Ratoath community. It has strived from strength to strength on grassroots and wider membership support.

The club belongs to all members, doing a little bit each leads to better results. Ratoath Football Club is a community club it needs your help no matter how small that is, there is no impediment in getting involved and you don’t need to know anything about football. We are calling upon the current membership to come together to create a platform for continued community successes, it is your club.

Sunday 13th January 2019




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