Training Timetable

For details on 2018  team training facilities roster please click on the link below

Training Roster valid from 8th October to 11th November.

Closed season winter Roster kicks in valid 12th November to 18th December.

Closed season NDSL teams permitted to train one night per week.

MGL & LSL teams are training two nights per week as they continue in traditional Sept-May football Calendar. Likewise during summer months MGL & LSL stop to give preference to NDSL.

Please note times on main all weather now changed starting on the half hour with first slot commencing 1830. Small all weather and grass continue with slots starting on the hour, first slots commence at 1800hrs.

Reason for staggering of times is to create more training slots with sufficient space on main pitch and to try ease traffic in change overs in car park between sessions.

Due to number of teams in club, we cannot facilitate any requests to change times on main all weather allocation. If the time does not suit, feel free to use the grass area. The grass area continues with lighting sufficient for training as per the standard from the last 12 years. It served us well and will continue to do so.

Note allocations take into account smart use of electricity. We have to avoid situations of one team training on own under lights on main pitch.

Thank you for your continued efforts as volunteers and support of the club. We are not perfect but continue to try to do our best for development of football. With 28 teams, its always a challenge to find a solution to everyone’s wish list.

Training Roster Oct.Nov and Nov.Dec 2018


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